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The Crystal Clear Way

The past
Having worked for the biggest agency group in the Australasian region and studying all the big players, we learnt very quickly that most of the costs involved in selling real estate are actually the overheads of being involved with a major franchise. The franchise group receives up to 11% per sale and forces the agency to use their company owned systems, printing, stationary, etc. which are all billed to the client at premium rates.
If you partnered with a good agent they tend to take control and do all the hard work to sell your property with minimal support from the office. If your property does sell, that agent will have to pay an admin fee (per sale or per month) to the office to cover the cost of the support staff. The principal then takes his cut which is generally a minimum of 50% of what’s left. This leaves the agent receiving roughly one third of the fee you have paid, which has to cover their wage, super, tax and any other costs.
The big franchise model forces agents to charge a higher rate in order to survive.
The reality
Did you know that in 2017, 95% of all buyers used an online website as an information source for their home search? Even the older generation are getting on board with 77% of buyers over the age of 70 using online websites as an information source for their home search. Photos were the most important website feature for 90% of buyers under the age of 62, while all generations noted detailed information about properties for sale were important.
Prior to the internet this would not have been possible and the big franchise model was necessary to get your property the exposure it needed. But thanks to technology, the face of real estate has changed for the better!

The #CrystalClearWay

With all this in mind, the concept of Crystal Clear was conceived with the aim of filling the void in the current real estate landscape. We decided to take what we learned from the big guys and adapt it into the modern format. Combined with the feedback heard from many frustrated property owners we formed our business around the following core principles:

  • Eliminate the pointless overheads and pass those savings on to our clients
  • Present each property at its best with clear, detailed & thoroughly thought out marketing
  • Exceed our clients expectations by giving that “old fashioned” personalised service everyone misses
  • Provide our clients with access to all the tools you get from the big guys (plus some they don’t even know exist!)
  • Push the boundaries by embracing technology and ensure we leverage it to the full extent possible
  • And most importantly be open, honest and transparent in every thing we do, hence the name…

So please contact us if you would like to see how we can make sure no stone is left unturned and you get the best price in the shortest time frame possible. Go ahead and experience the #CrystalClearWay for yourself!

Our Team

Adam Tide

Principal | Licensed Real Estate Agent

A trusted advisor within the local community, Adam is your complete sales professional, providing a premium client service that is delivered with honesty, enthusiasm, expert negotiation skills and impressive market knowledge.

Combining natural competitiveness and a true passion for property, Adam is dedicated to delivering an exclusive service that is specifically tailored to suit each of his clients individual needs. Approaching all aspects of the buying/selling process with careful attention to detail, Adam effortlessly incorporates both modern and traditional methods of communication.

Through implementing the latest marketing techniques, Adam is able to successfully reach a widespread audience whilst providing a pleasant stress-free experience throughout the entire property journey.

Sincere, hardworking and a natural people person, Adam has built a formidable reputation based on trust, reliability and consistency allowing him to continually achieve outstanding results.

A true local, Adam loves where he lives and will strive for excellence in exceeding your expectations every time.

Christina Tide

Office Manager

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